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Hi, my name is Evi and I am a professional leather designer, I grew up in Europe, started my career in South Korea and I'm now based in Australia. Having lived in different countries I combine unique styles and designs in my work.
Mostly I specialize in embossing, carving and pyrography of natural vegetable tanned leather, just as I love to make beautiful things of genuine leather, natural suede and fabric. I use only Eco-friendly dye and finish. Most of my articles are assembled by my hands without using a sewing machine. Hand stitched items become more durable and wear resistant. I often use bee wax to make my products waterproof, but even after that, I don't recommend to dip them in water.
I usually create one unique piece and even if you order the same, it's impossible to make an exact copy using handtools. Feel free to contact me for a custom order or if you have any enquiries at evi [!at]

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Showing 1 - 50 of 81 items